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Knowing Indonesia Through Rupiah is an augmented reality application from a client request. The purpose of this application is to give knowledge about the biography of Indonesian heroes and some places in Indonesia. This application is only available in Indonesia language. You need a 50.000 IDR and a 100.000 IDR as a marker. Or you can print these images linked here. This application using ARToolkit SDK for Unity 3D.

Please not that the 3D models, sounds, and sprite assets are provided by the client. Our team role is to help the client with coding.

You may experienced slow loading when after you press start button. It's because the verts count in 3D models used here is 8k in average.

How to use this application : Place any marker on the flat surface. If it's a single marker, there is a button where you can see information about that object. Note that the information given in each model is only available in Indonesian language. You can try to combine with other marker for different output.

Install instructions

  1. Copy the .apk file to your android device
  2. Launch the .apk file and wait until it finished installing
  3. Prepare the 50.000 IDR and 100.000 IDR for marker or print those pictures provided here
  4. Launch the application and aim your front camera to the marker


KnowingIndonesia1.3.apk 37 MB

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