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The theme for the global game jam 2017 event is wave. So our team come up with an idea related to wavy hair. And here it is, Kutu Run. Lice or kutu (in Indonesia language) must collect as many lice eggs as you can while avoiding the hair. Watch out for the incoming shampoo !

Gameplay : You act as a lice. You must collect the lice eggs to get the score. You lose if you touch the hair or got wiped out by shampoo.

How to play : The lice walk to the top by itself. Avoid any hair obstacle by move to left or right using left, right arrow. Always look for the warning sign on the left or right side to get prepared for the incoming shampoo. If you spot the warning sign, press space bar quickly to stop the lice.

Install instructions

Extract the .rar file and run the launcher


Kutu Run !.rar 12 MB

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